What is your accounting practice worth?

Topics include:

  • The current marketplace, valuations, and options.

  • Timeframes and timelines for your succession plan.

  • Strategies to maximise the value of your practice.

Practice Succession Report


Your Practice Succession Report provides a framework to help you start thinking strategically about your succession journey, along with specific, targeted actions for you to implement in your practice.
In your Practice Succession Report, you will have access to various tools, including:

  • Bucket List Register for your post succession life,

  • Succession Ready Program

  • Practice Succession Plan and

  • Due Diligence Checklist.

Your Practice Succession Report will help you focus on critical areas that will significantly impact your end success.

Your Practice Succession Report is tailored to your succession timeframe:

  • Within 1 - 3 years

  • Within 3 - 5 years