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Becoming Succession Ready: Your Succession Ready Report

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

More often, practitioners are not ready and are not organised for their practice succession.

A driving force for many practitioners through their practice succession journey is to ensure their loyal clients and hard-working staff are well looked after through their succession and, at the same time, maximise the financial benefits for the partners and principals of the firm.

Our Succession Ready Report will help you address all these issues, and importantly provide:

  • Peace of mind: Having a Succession Ready Report prepared for your business will give you peace of mind in knowing that you have a clear plan in place for your practice succession.

  • Value improvement: We will conduct a thorough analysis of your business and identify a range of areas for you to address in the lead-up to your practice succession that will enhance the value of your business.

  • Market valuation: We will provide a comprehensive analysis of the market value of your practice and what it is worth today between a willing buyer and seller.

  • Succession readiness: Going through the process of gathering all the required information and having your Succession Ready Report prepared will ensure you are well advanced in achieving a successful practice succession.

In preparing your Succession Ready Report, we conduct a deep analysis of your practice, including:

  • Organisational analysis;

  • Resource analysis;

  • Client analysis;

  • Operational analysis;

  • Financial analysis;

  • External analysis;

  • Market valuation; and

  • Succession ready recommendations and timetable

Assuming you are 3 -5 years away from your practice succession, you have the timeframe to devote to some targeted strategies that will significantly impact the value of your business.

After building your business over many years, and servicing many families, friends, business owners and individuals, now is the time to take a considered and planned approach to ensure your practice succession is a success.



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